Don't Sweat It: Interior Decorating Tips for Men

Don't Sweat It:  Interior Decorating Tips for Men - HUNTEDFOX

Who says a man can’t decorate? We certainly don’t! After all, if you watch any of those highly addictive home decorating shows, it’s the men that have a natural talent of adding a unique splash of character and dimension into any room.  Not to mention our very own super talented James Geordan North. 

But maybe you're not one of those kinds-of-guys.  Don't panic!  We've got you covered - and you don't even have to binge-watch the HGTV channel just to perfect your interior decorating skills.  You just need someone within the interior design industry that speaks “man”.   And yes, “man” is sometimes a language in itself.   So forget the fancy words that no one really understands or cares about, and focus on the decorating tips that truly count, and turn that frat boy flat into a home suited for a man.

Don’t Fear Different Fabrics

Let’s start with the fabrics because they’re one of the most important features within your home.  After all, you lounge on them, lay on them, sleep on them, cuddle them and well… we won’t go there.  But surely you get the picture.

Fabrics are important because they give you the comfort and warmth you want. As such, poor quality fabrics can really rub you the wrong way – quite literally. Ouch! So, add some soft cotton blankets, plush down feather-filled pillows and hand-woven wool rugs.  In addition to comfort, fabrics are a great way to add some sophisticated style.  Tie in some popular African fabrics, such as mud cloth or indigo to add that "well-traveled" flair, maybe some nice wool for that "modern gentleman" touch, or perhaps some denim, because...well, denim.  It will never get old.

Whatever you do, just remember to read those labels, boys! They’re important and can tell you a lot about what you’re actually putting into your home.  

Soften the Masculinity with Accents

Soften your masculinity?  Who would ever want to do that?  Well, maybe you have a new girlfriend who is starting to leave her toothbrush at your place, and the “man-cave” just isn’t doing it for her… If you know what we mean.

The good news is that your house can still be incredibly masculine and adding some softer accents will simply make the space more liveable and comforting.  If you have a leather couch, toss on some pillows and a throw; if you have a basic bed, add on an accent blanket; if you have cold floors, lay down a rug.  Everyone loves candles.  Fortunately, there a ton of cool companies making some great candles, and many of them are making some pretty manly scents. 

You may also want to add in some plants.  Why, you ask?  Well, because plants are awesome and they will liven up the space.  It's the best kept secret.  Well, until now, of course.  Plants add life to any space, literally (and they show that potential Mrs. that you are responsible enough to keep something alive).  There are a number of low maintenance plants that look great.  Ask your local gardening center which are best for the conditions of your home.  Think terrariums, succulents, and even tropical plants.  Then give that plant a nice pot.  You can't go wrong with a simple white cylindrical pot, but don't be afraid to get a little wild either.

Upgrade your Kitchen Game

Get rid of those empty pizza boxes from “guys night”, stop relying on frozen dinners and actually have more than just beverages in your fridge – it’s a good place to start, anyway.  But when it comes to your interior, it’s more about adding in new kitchenware as opposed to getting rid of stuff.

Sure, having one bowl, one pan, one spatula, one fork and one of everything seems practical, but is it really?  What if you have guests?  Paper plates and cutlery get old fast.  Upgrade your kitchen game with new, matching kitchenware with decor accents that tie everything in.  It just makes the room look better, and a good-looking kitchen will definitely impress the ladies.  

Invest in some well made cookware such as All-Clad and quality knives like Wusthof, they will last a lifetime if you take care of them.  There are a number of quality kitchen appliances out there, and they are now just as fashionable as they are functional.  Juicers, blenders, toasters...maybe a magic bullet.  Everyone likes fresh juice.

Finish your kitchen off with a nice collection of cook books.  There are a ton of great books on the market today, so go get lost in a local bookstore or even hipster coffee shop and find a few that interest you.  Then - get cooking.   

Add in some Personality 

Bare walls are boring!  Empty, dusty shelves are even worse.  What’s the point in having a place to call your own if there’s absolutely no part of it that represents who you are.  Artwork is a great way to express your interest and even your style - and it can be a great investment!  Books, books, books.  Books are not only critical to your own personal development, but they can look really good on a shelf.  Maybe throw in some vintage brass pieces or other collectibles to add character to the shelves.  To each their own, but whatever it is you choose to do, make sure it’s you.  Your home deserves it and you’ll be amazed at how much your interior and comfort level was lacking prior to making this small adjustment.

Now that you've read this far, you really have no excuse not to enhance the style and comfort of your home’s interior - and if you've gotten this far, you're obviously interested.  Fortunately, there are more resources for ideas and tips than ever before.  Familiarize yourself with apps like Pinterest and Houzz, magazines like Dwell and Luxe, and start to identify your style preferences and interests.

We love to hear feedback, so if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out! 


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