3 Secrets to Turning a House into a Home with Liveable Décor

3 Secrets to Turning a House into a Home with Liveable Décor - HUNTEDFOX

With every step you take, you find yourself consistently captivated by the unique characteristics and stunning beauty of your living space. The interior looks like as if it was done by a professional on a popular home improvement show - thanks to the wonderful decorating tips they give - and every décor item seems to be staged ever-so-perfectly. But then you take a seat. The couches are stiff, the floors are cold – and you feel like you may break something if you make any sudden movements.

It’s the worst-case scenario and one that happens way too often. You’ve hand selected every piece of furniture and interior décor item in your house and everything looks amazing but it still doesn’t feel like a home. Why, you ask? It’s lacking liveable décor. The good news is that with a few changes and some simple swaps, you can embrace the comfort and warmth hidden in your home.  

It’s all about Feeling Comfortable

If you want your house to feel like a home, you need to introduce some comforting elements. While antique furniture and that elegant chaise lounge passed down from your great-great-grandmother is amazing, it isn’t necessarily inviting or comfortable. That’s kind of the downer about antique or vintage-inspired furniture. They’re beautiful, but not liveble.

However, you don’t have to get rid of them completely. Just space your uncomfortable furniture well throughout the house and add in some soft, plush, big comfy chairs and decor accents that will make you - and all your guests want to jump right in.

Clear out the Delicate Clutter

Take a walk around your house. Does it feel like you should be tiptoeing around the interior décor, for fear that your valuables may break with the slightest creak in the floor? It could be the exact same feeling you’re providing to your guests. Valuables and delicate interior décor items are totally fine, but if your home isn’t liveable, you truly aren’t getting as much enjoyment, relaxation and warmth out of your home as you should be.

Plus, too much clutter can really take away from the aesthetics of your interior. Decrease the clutter by keeping only the delicate décor that holds a special place in your heart – and keep that place higher on shelves to minimize the need for tiptoeing. No one likes the feeling of having to tiptoe through life, so set the pace with a more liveable space with softer accents.  

Of course, if you happen to be a creative type that finds tremendous inspiration from the many things that you surround yourself with - by all means, go with that - just make make it controlled clutter...and you have some cool stuff to clutter with.    

Bring in the Warmth

Warmth. Warmth. Warmth. That’s what your house needs for it to become a home. Take a moment to think about things that make you feel comfortable, humble, loved, peaceful – and all those other good feelings you have experienced throughout life. You’ll quickly notice that many of them are associated with warmth, whether it’s a nice hug, a beach vacation, a fireplace romance – or even skiing down a snowy hill in a nice, warm snowsuit. Comfort needs warmth. Add in cozy, soft accents such as throw pillows on a brisk leather sofa, or area rugs on chilly tiles. These little changes can be all you need to get your interior to what you want it to be.

And don’t worry. There’s no need to break the bank or tear down walls. You don’t even have to put in a lot of time or elbow grease. Just follow these three secret decorating tips and your house will quickly turn into a home. Oh, and of course, start shopping at HUNTED FOX today...  You know you want to!


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