Avoid the Eye Roll: Impress Taste Makers Who Love to Entertain with our Holiday Gift Guide

Avoid the Eye Roll: Impress Taste Makers Who Love to Entertain with our Holiday Gift Guide - HUNTEDFOX

Holiday Gift Guide


As the festive frenzy kicks in, let's dive into a celebration of the wildly wonderful tastes and styles of those who practically have a PhD in decorating. Behold our Holiday Gift Guide for the home decor aficionados who turn their living spaces into jaw-dropping wonderlands! This guide is like no other, boldly stepping out of the mundane to bring you handpicked items that scream inclusivity, pop with color, flaunt fabulous patterns, and dance with luxurious fabrics. We've sifted through the mediocre to present you with gifts that not only play well together but also sprinkle a dash of sophistication on every design imaginable. This snazzy and oh-so-considerate gift guide is your golden ticket to earning major brownie points with the decorating gurus in your life—especially those who throw parties like it's an art form and turn homes into galleries of their unique style. Cheers to making your gift the talk of tinsel town!

The Snuggle is Real: Gift the Warmth and Comfort to Counter the Chilly Vibes of 2023

The gift of a throw blanket…especially the ones meticulously adorned with intricate details, one of a kind handmade super soft and cuddly blankets don't make you a great gift giver- they make you the absolute super hero of gift giving in 2023.  It's been a chilly one, and the unparalleled luxury of high-handwoven vintage African Indigo paired with plush faux shearling will be just the kind of warmth to chisel off the edges and warm us up for all of the glory 2024 is sure to ring in.  

Delve into a thoughtfully curated palette of colors that radiate coziness, seamlessly transforming your one of a kind softest throw blanket into a standout, uniquely crafted piece that authentically reflects individuality, and most importantly- the amazing gift giver. 

With luxury throws-every detail tells a story. Handmade one of a kind blankets are all personality-that's why it becomes more than just a home accessory; they become our covering - a place of safety and rest.  And don't we all long for a good snuggle? 

We'd love to tell you that  leaving a lasting impression on those loved ones for the holidays is easy- but every year, these glorious heavy throw blankets sell out. Luckily for you, we've held a few aside…

Luxe Chocolate Throw Blanket
Marcus Pierce Photographer

Leather Throw Pillows: Timeless Sophistication

Give the  ideal gift of discerning taste.  Imagine presenting them with the luxurious touch of chic leather throw pillows.  These leather pillows aren't merely decorative accents for the sofa you may just be sitting on all Christmas Eve- they possess the transformative ability to turn any entertaining space into a haven of timeless sophistication.  The sleek texture and rich, earthy tones of genuine leather pillows effortlessly introduces a touch of masculine elegance, yet feminine texture. 


Yet, the appeal of  leather throw pillows extends far beyond their aesthetic charm - genuine leather throw pillows carry a deeper meaning.  They're about durability, elevated style and only get better with age (just like you).   This makes them a perfect gift guide gift for those who not only appreciate refined style but also values the joy of curating an inviting and well designed retreat within the heart of any entertaining space.


And this is what should make these leather pillows a mainstay on any gift guide- holiday or not (psst, we're talking to you, Oprah!).   The rich leather develops a distinctive patina over time, reflecting the warmth of countless memories and enhances the overall ambiance.  Handmade leather pillows go beyond mere accessories, becoming a testament to their (uhem- your) discerning taste and commitment to creating an inviting living rooms, offices or sitting areas that exude both style and sophistication. 

Leather HuntedFox throw pillows



“genuine leather pillows possess the transformative ability to turn an entertaining space into a haven of timeless sophistication”

Accent Pillows: Give The Perfect Touch of Pattern, Style, and Dimension

If you struggle to infuse home with a modern and stylish touches-gift colorful accent pillows with unique patterns or textures. Patterned accent pillows offer a thoughtful way to elevate a living space, allowing for the expression of contemporary taste with a touch of artistic flair. As dynamic focal points, they add vibrancy and character to the home, making them perfect for those who appreciate not just stylish decor but also the transformative power of unique interior design. 


Each pillow becomes a statement piece, reflecting individuality and setting the stage for endless conversations and moments of visual delight in a stylishly curated home.


Southwestern pillows serve as a captivating focal point, adding more than just visual interest to your favorite seating all year 'round.  Beyond their aesthetic appeal, geometric  accent pillows play a unique role in transforming any living room. They go beyond mere decor; introducing visual depth and a fresh perspective, creating an engaging environment that can be cohesive  with evolving style. 




When it Comes To Seasonal Accent Pillows…

The seasonal colors and patterns  inject a sense of joy and celebration into a home- but they don't to be “just for the holiday" home decor.  Tribal, geometric patterned pillows allow any decorating novice to effortlessly refresh the ambiance, creating inclusive and festive atmospheres that align with diverse cultural celebrations throughout the year.  One of our favorites is the Tribal Holiday Throw Pillows on HUNTEDFOX.  As a gift-accent pillows become more than just home decor accessories; they contribute to the personality of a room- infusing it with a sense of modernity and conversation starting design.  A great conversation that you of course started…

Gifting Style: The Art of Elevating Spaces with Decorative Home Accents

Thoughtful gifting of home decor  isn't for those who love a good story, but those that  love to tell a great story!  Gifting especially unique decorative home decor is a cool way to set you apart from basic gifts  and elevate you to a truly thoughtful gift giver. Imagine gifting a set of handcrafted clay vases or hard to find vintage brass statues to the man who thrives on hosting wine parties or whiskey & cigar nights. Learning to transcend the holidays or a birthday, and become catalysts for conversation, adding depth and character while sparking discussions about creativity and craftsmanship- and our gift guide is here for it!


 Those in the know will appreciate the thoughtful consideration behind these meticulously chosen gifts. Vintage accents  being the most unique on this gift guide; they're emblematic of your acknowledgment of their hosting prowess and the importance they place on creating a warm and authentic atmosphere with attention to the details that matter.  

Picking out a stellar gift for that not-so-familiar face? Candles to the rescue – because, let's be real, who doesn't love a good home scent?

Indulge your senses in the captivating world of scents with Sólt Candles, an esteemed Southern California-based company renowned for their hand-poured collections. Crafted from a harmonious blend of all-natural plant-based ingredients, these candles are a sensorial delight even before the first flicker of the flame.

What sets Sólt Candles apart is not just their enchanting fragrances but also the luxurious scent profiles they offer. A standout favorite, "Black Sand," weaves together the warm and earthy notes of cedarwood, the spice of clove, the citrusy freshness of lemon, the rich depth of patchouli, and the herbal essence of rosemary. This combination creates an exquisite and opulent olfactory experience that elevates any space it graces.

Experience the allure of coastal chic living not just through decor but also through the evocative scents that transport you to a serene beachside paradise. Elevate your ambiance with Sólt Candles, where every fragrance is a carefully curated masterpiece.

Wrap It Up: Elevate Every Home with Thoughtful Decor - Your Ultimate Gift Guide Comes to a Stylish Close

Tailored specifically for all who find joy in the art of hosting, our gift guide is for those who envision each item as a personalized expression of their unique taste and style. Our collection transcends the ordinary, presenting carefully chosen pieces that resonate with individuality, whether it's a preference for contemporary sleekness or an embrace of timeless classics. Each gift is poised to enhance hosting prowess, transforming gatherings into memorable experiences.


 We hope the Holiday Gift Guide for All that Entertain has sparked your imagination and inspired thoughtful, unique gift-giving ideas for the upcoming holiday season. We aspire to be your go-to destination for refined selections that celebrate art, individual tastes and elevate the joy of hosting. Hats off to you for  taking the time to find the perfect gifts and creating unforgettable moments this holiday season. 


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