Revive Your Space: The Transformative Power of One Colorful Pillow

Revive Your Space: The Transformative Power of One Colorful Pillow - HUNTEDFOX


-Joseph Addison

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These days, it seems like every home décor blog that comes across features some kind of bright colorful pillow. This is because they are such a great way to add colour and personality to any room. You don’t have to spend a fortune on pillows, just make sure you buy the ones that will last and make you happy!  Thats all we really want anyway, isn't it?

"The quickest way to change a room - add just ONE colorful pillow and watch the entire room shift!"

When you think of home decor, images of neutral walls and wooden furniture probably come to mind. While neutral tones are a great way to anchor a space and let natural accents stand out, there’s nothing wrong with adding some color into the equation. In fact, breaking up a space with at least one bold colorful pillow will add visual interest and inject much-needed vibrancy into your home. Anthropologists claim that the first pillow was created in ancient Egypt. Then, during the Renaissance period, the pillow became an essential item for all homes. Today, pillows don’t just offer comfort; they can be focal points in your home.   Read on to discover how you can incorporate this useful item into your interior design style…

Unleash the Power of Color - Tips for Elevating Your Home with Vibrant Colors

Interior designers know that using a colorful pillow mixed in with basic decor is the unsung hero of home decorating, effortlessly transforming any space into a vibrant haven. Here are some tips to help you master the art of adding these pops of color to your home:

  1. Start with a Neutral Base: If you're a bit color-shy, begin with a neutral foundation – think whites, greys, or beiges. This provides a versatile canvas for your colorful pillow to shine without overwhelming the space.
  2. Mix and Match Patterns: Don't be afraid to play with patterns! Mixing different prints and textures adds depth and visual interest. Consider combining stripes with florals or geometric patterns for an eclectic and dynamic look.
  3. Stick to a Color Palette: To maintain a cohesive and polished appearance, choose a color palette that complements your existing decor. Whether you opt for complementary hues or a monochromatic scheme, a thoughtfully curated color palette ties everything together.
  4. Experiment with Sizes and Shapes: Diversify your pillow collection by incorporating various sizes and shapes. Mix standard squares with lumbar or bolster pillows to create a visually dynamic arrangement that enhances both comfort and aesthetics.
  5. Texture Matters: Beyond color, explore different textures to elevate the sensory experience. Velvet, faux fur, or woven fabrics add a tactile dimension to your space, making it feel more inviting and luxurious.
  6. Consider the Season: Rotate your pillows seasonally to reflect the changing seasons and keep your space feeling fresh. Warm, earthy tones for fall and cool, breezy colors for summer can instantly update the mood of a room.
  7. Play with Placement: Get creative with pillow placement. Toss them casually on sofas, layer them on beds, or use them to create cozy reading nooks. Experimenting with placement allows you to discover the perfect balance between comfort and style.
  8. Invest in Quality: While it's tempting to go for quantity, investing in a few high-quality, statement colorful pillows can make a significant impact. Look for well-crafted pieces that stand the test of time and continue to bring joy to your space.

Remember, adding a colorful pillow is a delightful and cost-effective way to breathe new life into your home. So, don't be afraid to embrace the world of colors and patterns – let your personality shine through your decor!

How Just ONE Colorful Pillow Can Change a Leather Sofa


So, why the hype around these little bursts of joy? Well, for starters, a colorful pillow is  like a magical chameleon to the interior decor world – but a colorful pillow is easy on the pocket and ridiculously easy to play around with. Whether you're a decor diva or just testing the waters of home styling, pillows are your ride-or-die companions.


Picture this: Your sofa, chair, or bed feeling a bit 'meh.' Enter the unsung heroes – pillows! They're not just accessories; they're the secret agents of change. Strategically placed, these bad boys can turn your room from 'blah' to 'ah-mazing' in a snap. Bonus: Got pillow commitment issues? No worries, just rotate them for an instant mood lift!


In the grand arena of a spacious living room, you've got to keep things spicy. Mix it up, they say! And what better way to do that than with the unassuming yet mighty pillow? These soft wonders are the antidote to a dull room.


But wait, there's more!  Adding a deliciously colorful pillow to your living space vibe isn't just about looks; they're about creating that warm, 'come-hug-me' vibe we all crave. So, let the colorful pillow party begin – because your living room deserves to be the life of the decor fiesta!

Adding a Colorful Pillow to a Simple Room: Back to The Basics

Alright, neutral bedroom, we get it – you're all about that calm, collected vibe. But here's the thing, darling: you're one whimsical colorful pillow away from becoming the talk of the town. 

Enter the unsung heroes of decor – the colorful pillow. These little rebels are like the cool kids crashing a sophisticated party…and we're here for it. 

In the realm of bedroom transformations, there’s a secret weapon hiding in plain sight – the colorful pillow. Picture this: your serene, white haven, a canvas of calmness. Now, enter the vibrant disruptors, those lively, colorful pillows. Suddenly, your bedroom isn't just a sanctuary; it's a personal art exhibit. These lively accents are like the confetti of decor, turning a peaceful space into a celebration of style.

White linens set the stage, but it's the infusion of colors that steals the show. A pop of turquoise, a burst of coral, or a splash of mustard – these pillows bring personality and pizzazz to your otherwise understated oasis. It's the quickest, quirkiest way to inject life into simplicity.

And let’s not forget the mood boost! Waking up to a sea of whites is calming, but throw in a few vibrant pillows, and voilà – you’ve got a room that not only whispers 'serenity' but also shouts 'joy.' It's like adding a playful twist to a classic tune.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can make your bedroom extraordinary?  With the magic touch of colorful pillows, your white linens become the backdrop to a daily dose of cheer and charm.


Because, let's face it, a bedroom should be more than just a place to sleep – it should be a visual hug, and at least one colorful pillow? Well, they're the warm embrace your bedroom didn’t know it needed."

Trust me, those plain pillows are silently begging for a technicolor revolution, and your beauty sleep deserves a front-row seat to the show.  

Which Colour Schemes Work Best With a Colorful Pillow?

With so many colorful pillow options available, it can be difficult to decide which ones to use in your home. The best way to figure out which colours to use is to consider the rest of your décor. If you have a lot of neutral tones in your home, using a vibrant colorful pillow can be a great way to break it up and add contrast. You can also use colour to create visual interest in a room that’s lacking personality. 

For example, if your bedroom is a basic blue or green, a colourful pillow on the bed can liven the space up and make it more inviting. If you aren’t sure which colour scheme to use, a great rule of thumb is to pick a colour that compliments your curtains. Although you don’t want to completely match your décor, you can use your curtains as a guide for which colour scheme to follow.

How to Incorporate Playfulness Through A Colorful Pillow?

Introducing just one vibrant and carefully chosen colorful pillow to a room is like injecting an instant dose of joy and personality into the space. It's the decor equivalent of turning on a light switch – suddenly, the room comes alive with playfulness and brightness. The pop of color not only catches the eye but also radiates a contagious energy, transforming the atmosphere from mundane to lively. Whether it's a bold shade that commands attention or a playful pattern that adds visual interest, that one colorful pillow becomes the star of the show, effortlessly infusing character and warmth into your surroundings. It's a simple yet powerful way to make a statement, proving that sometimes, all it takes is a single colorful pillow to paint your space with a brushstroke of cheerfulness and charm.

WE clearly LOVE a good colorful pillow, that's why we've built an entire business around the use of one good colorful pillow.

Find the one colorful pillow your room is missing. 


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