Best Shopping Guide For Bed Frames & Hanging Leather Headboards

leather hanging headboard with walnut wood bed frame

Many people enjoy purchasing genuine leather hanging headboards because they're one of interior designer's favorite home trends over the past few years. they won't be slowing down in home style and bedroom decor trends in 2023 either! Most people buying a wall mount bed cushion want to update their bedroom room, are furnishing a hotel, air B&B or buying a housewarming gift for a loved one. They choose genuine leather becasue of it's tried and true reputation of being long lasting, sophisticated and classic, rugged and modern. Mostly, they want their bed to last for a long long time and take a lot of wear and tear while still looking like a well designed bedroom. But if you're anything like us- finding the actual bed base or simple bed frame to complete the carefully curated bedroom style isn't the main attraction or focal point of a good bedroom update- or is it?  

We'll let you decide...

Luckily, there are plenty of options available that will work with a variety of sizes and styles of home decor.  From luxurious looking wooden frames to more practical metal frames, there’s something for everyone.  We kept our eyes on some of the best kept secrets for anyone updating a bedroom to interior designers alike.  After all- we should all be able to shop like the pro's shouldn't we? 

"finding a bed base or bed frame really isn't the focal point of a bedroom update...or is it?"

What is the Best Bed Frame for a Leather Headboard?

The best bed frame for a leather headboard depends on your personal preference.  From farmhouse decor, modern men's bedroom styles, boho bedroom, classic cabins, east coast Hampton's looks to mid century modern (best with our almost always sold out whiskey leather modern universal headboards) there are endless choices to make this a simple affair.   This IS after all what makes the wall mount leather headboards the most universal and convertible bedroom style around.  We're going to break it down for you with some good shopping lists for all kinds of bed frames below. 

Solid Wood Frames for all styles of leather headboards

 One of the most popular options for a leather headboard is a solid wood frame. Most wood frames come in four large pieces, so that you don’t need to worry about assembling anything together before putting your headboard in place because they usually just connect easily in the four corners. The downside to this type of frame is that they can be difficult to transport due to their weight and size. Luckily, most online retailers will deliver directly to your door.  Pottery Barn's Cayman Platform Bed [$599-$799] tops our list for designers.  See the best leather headboard and wood bed combinations below:


wood bed base
tan hanging leather headboard

H|F limited collection Tan Leather Hanging Leather Headboard  [$999-$1,499]


dark brown wood bed
brown leather hanging headboard and bed

H|F classic Whiskey Leather Headboard [$999-1799]


BROWN wood bed base
aged tan leather headboard


light wood platform bed
dark brown leather headboard

H|F limited modern Chocolate Brown Hanging Leather Headboard  [$999]


mid century modern bed base
mid century modern leather bed

Mid Century Modern  $230 

H|F limited modern Aged Camel Universal Leather Headboard  [$999]


No matter your design style, from classic to mid century modern decor, a wood base will pretty much fit into any home decor style and play nicely with all of your other furniture. Simple bed bases & leather hanging headboard combinations are all over the web with some incredible deals on a simple wood bed bases at really affordable price.  The best thing with Amazon is that you can try them and return them easily with a Prime membership, which is an added level of insurance when you might not be sure which one to chose. We just found so many good bed frames to pair with leather headboards it was hard to stop adding to our list!

Here's a few more alternatives to the ones we've shown above:

  1. Wonline Unfinished Pine $189-255
  2. Modern Minimalist $174
  3. Classic Wood $178-$185
  4. Sabir Aged Pine Bed $199
  5. Bleached Wood Bed Frame $229
  6. Modern Nordic Platform $309
  7. Platform Wood $308
  8. Ultimate Storage Bed $349
  9. Rustic Wood $242-$383
  10. Walnut Bed Frame $255
  11. Gaviota Espresso Wood Frame $250-$350
  12. Cardinal Crest Pine $280-499

About Those Metal Bed Frames...

One of the best things about a leather headboard is that you can hang it so many different ways.  One of the most popular ways to hang a leather headboard with interior designers and home stylists alike would be using a metal pole mounted to the wall.  You can use pipe fittings, curtain rails and so many other industrial or farmhouse decor elements so many instagram bedroom or home remodels have featured.  You can also add a modern headboard to soften a traditional iron bed frame [with headboard & footboard] too. Metal  bed frames frames are sturdy and long-lasting, which is perfect if you plan on using your bed for years. 


iron bed base
black woven leather hanging headboard

Mid Century Modern  $230 

H|F limited modern Aged Camel Universal Hanging Leather Headboard  [$999]


iron bed base
modern leather hanging headboard

H|F limited collection Aged Leather Textured Headboard  [$999]


gold brushed bed base
black leather hanging headboard

H|F limited collection Black Leather Headboard  [$1,599]

All in all: We've found that metal of any kind like brass, iron or rolled steel work well with any types of leather headboards from classic to modern and textured leather headboards.   The downside is that some require a bit more assembly and the metal parts may need tightening over time.  Some of the coolest combinations have come from vintage farmhouse decor to city loft bedrooms across the globe. But if you’re looking for something that matches your bedding or other furniture, metal frames come in a wide variety of powder coated colors and finishes so you can find a few cool variations that work well with your own design style. 

Here are a few of our favorite metal bed frames:

  1. Modern Metal Frame $147
  2. Low Profile Iron Bed Base $130
  3. Grey Washed Iron & Wood Low Profile Platform Bed $230
  4. Beautiful Iron Bed & Great Price CB2 $302
  5. Crazy Awesome Adjustable Iron $389

Upholstered Bed Base


linen bed base with drawer
leather hanging headboard

H|F limited collection Tan Hanging Headboard [$1,299]


upholstered bed base
leather hanging headboard

Upholstered beds frames are usually built with a headboard.  In this case we are looking at upholstered bed frames and bed bases that we think look good with hanging leather headboards.   There are many different styles of beds available on the market and they really compliment hanging leather headboards.  The downside is that of bed that will have to be cleaned once in a while due to scuffs and natural wear and tear.   The best part about upholstered beds is how versatile they can be.  This means you don’t have to worry about choosing two separate pieces of furniture if your aesthetic changes over time.  Upholstered bed frames are the highest maintenance beds to pair with hanging leather headboards that made our best of list but we love them anyway! 

We found a few more good ones you should check out here:

  1. Ultra Low Profile Bed $169
  2. Super Low Profile Upholstered Bed $219
  3. Linnen Bed With Drawers $239
  4. Indigo Linen Bed  $249
  5. Low Profile Black Bed $262
  6. Linnen Bed With Wood Legs $379

Our Favorite...A Hanging Leather Headboard!

With all of the good options above there's always a perfect bed base or bed frame on Amazon to small or big box furniture stores that will pair perfectly with your hangin leather headboard no matter what your bedroom decor style is!

We LOVE the idea of hanging leather headboards from your metal wood or iron bed frame too. So many great options and you really can never go wrong with leather.

In case you couldn't find what you were looking for, you can always make your own...  check out our blog on making your own wood custom bed frame for your leather hanging headboard HERE.

leather hanging headboard in loft

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