Anatolian "Tulu" Shag Rug

The most perfect accent for your room.  Handwoven 100% natural unbleached or dyed central Anatolian wool "Tulu" rug from the town of Karapinar.  This incredible piece has been a savoured favorite.  

The meaning of "Tulu" in Turkish is long-haired and some of them have extremely long pile. The natural wool used on these carpets are shiny and lustrous. Tulu is basically a kilim or a plain waive  with tufts of wool, goat hair yarn or thin strips of cloth interwoven using the Turkish knot to form the tuft patterns underlying design.  The.  main use of these items was as sleeping mattress. Their patterns are also very similar to Beni Ouarian Morocco rugs but they are distinguished by a more ordered geometric designs.

Perfect in at the foot or side of the bed, in front of a crib or layered to give complexity and luxurious texture to any space.  


  • 100% wool
  • 3.75" pile
  • 2.75'x7'


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