During an extensive eighteen-year journey in the wine and spirits industry, our founder, a VP of sales, embarked on travels to remote regions worldwide, delving into the brands she was entrusted to develop in the United States. From the sprawling Scotch distilleries of Scotland to the agave fields spanning Jalisco to Oaxaca, Mexico, these experiences unearthed the profound stories of heritage and indigenous textiles that became interwoven with her very essence. They ignited a passion for ethnic, transitional, and universally classic design styles.

In 2015, an unexpected suggestion from a neighbor led her to sell a few pillows she crafted on her childhood sewing machine. These humble beginnings marked the birth of HUNTEDFOX. With an unwavering commitment to highlighting the often overlooked details, our brand rapidly gained momentum. Local celebrities like Gina Rodriguez discovered our offerings at a Sunday artisan market in Venice Beach, while renowned event planner Steven Petrarca's company placed a substantial order for ottomans and pillows to grace a private event at the prestigious Nobu in Malibu. This collaboration with local manufacturers became a crucial thread in the fabric of the H|F brand, leaving an indelible mark.

From designing custom sofas and silk pillows for Jo Malone's Chateau Marmont launch, to crafting set designs for NBC's The Voice, and undertaking full-scale home renovation projects in South Africa, HUNTEDFOX has established a reputation for meticulous attention to detail, unmatched craftsmanship, and exceptional leatherwork.

Our custom down and feather fills are expertly manufactured by local family-owned businesses, while each item is carefully sewn by hand. As an homage to the vibrant turquoise rings collected during summers spent exploring Navajo reservations, our signature H|F zippers are still produced just outside the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles, where our female-owned and operated creative studio and warehouse now resides.

Every H|F piece encapsulates the founder's personal journey. Moana personally selects or collects each textile and carefully chooses the texture and grain of every leather hide that will be transformed into our furniture. It is not merely her passion, but her intention to create pieces that transcend being mere inanimate objects. HUNTEDFOX crafts lifestyle pieces that bear witness to and accompany you in your most precious moments, wherever life takes you, one piece at a time.