Vintage Lightweight Ottoman | Indigo

Our signature featherweight ottoman was crafted using a sturdy foam core for maximum comfort and durability.   Strong enough for a 250lb gent, light enough for a toddler.  Perfect for mobile seating around the table, livingroom and perfect for the bedroom. 

This textile is called “Thioup”  which is a bazin riche cotton from Mali.  Narrow 4” handwoven strips are stitched together to make single a cloth, then dip dyed several times in indigofera [indigo] to obtain it’s rich color. The intricate pattern is made using stitches or compression to keep the color absent  from the dye.  It is often only worn for special occasions.  Repairs and hand stitching over the past 40-50 years make every single piece a work of art showing it’s graceful aging process.   

We buy or textiles from a tribal Mamma who supports the women who have made and cared for these materials.  Each piece is a unique piece of art and varies slightly from the picture shown.   


  • 18x18"
  • Removable slip cover
  • For indoor use only
  • Professional dry cleaning recommended
  • Made in USA from imported materials

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