Handwoven Bolga Market Basket from Ghana | Leather Handle

These colorful Bolga market basket gets their name from the region of Ghana where abundant veta vera grass is woven to create these hardy, useful African baskets.   

Bolga baskets hold up to daily use for years on end. Today, Bolgatanga, known as the crafts center of Northern Ghana, with its surrounding villages comprise the largest producers of leather works and straw baskets in the country. Basket weaving around Bolgatanga in Upper East Region serves as an example of the craft skills of women in the north. The sales of these baskets have allowed many impoverished farmers in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana, West Africa to attain a sustainable way of living. 

Use as a catch all for toiletries, towels, and in the kitchen fruit bowls or jus tto look extremely gorgeous while shopping. Fair trade, bought from the artisan.

No two pieces are exactly alike.


  • 18x24" 
  • Vera grass
  • Leather handle
  • Reshape by submerging in water [keeping leather handle dry] mold by hand and let dry  
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