White Lace Dreamcatcher

Hand crocheted in the jungles of the Yucatán by Juan and his family, these catchers of dreams illuminate the artisanal spirit of the ancient Americas through their unique style and designs. With the collection of local seashells and ocellated turkey feathers, these intricate vintage throwbacks bring together sweet whimsy and elegant craftsmanship.

For best results: Hang above the bed.  Negative dreams will become entangled in the web of the catcher's eye while the sweet ones slip down the collected items that dangle onto the intended beloved below. 


  • Naturally dried vine wood
  • Collected seashells
  • Handwoven thread
  • Collected feathers
  • Leather 

Bonus // together we unite families through donating 10% of your purchase to www.adopttogether.org 

    Bonus // We donate 10% of your purchase to www.adopttogether.org  

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