Black & White Geometric "Ganado" Cow Skull

Located southwest of Crystal in the geographical center of the Navajo Reservation, the Ganado style of weaving was established by Lorenzo Hubbell in late 1800. The motif generally consists of one or more stepped diamonds or stepped and embellished triangles. We chose this pattern to honor the beautiful cycle of life as a movement in textile and beast now becomes art. 

We have hand painted this item, added feathers, hand beading with brass and turquoise and leather straps to the horns.  An incredible adornment to a table or a wall.  Item is prepared to hang.  Each of these is one-of-a-kind and is signed and numbered by the artist James Geordan. 


22 x 18"natural cow skull
pheasant & rooster feathers
brass, bike glass beads
wall mount
hand painted by James Geordan 

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