Care & Use

We want you to love the things we loved making you as much as we do.  To keep them in great shape, check out some of the tips & tricks below:

    We've done the heavy lifting for you.   We take all of our textiles and wash them just the same way you would in order to expose the fragility and wear spots.  Our team then goes to work repairing the textile and sturdying it for liveable use. The textile won't come out the same in a second wash, so we don't recommend it. 

    You should absorb any liquid spills with paper towels or a clean cloth. Dry cleaning is the best option for removing stains or occasional cleaning. 

    • Sunlight brightens everything, especially whites!  If you don't want a little fading to occur, keep your faves out of the rays. 
    • Did you know that hydrogen peroxide removes most stains? (especially blood- for those tomboys and little ramblers. 
    • Blotting liquids up quickly gives you the best chance of eliminating stans entirely.  Act fast-but if you happen to miss it, most drycleaners can solve the problem (if you know what the mystery liquid is...if you don't- we're not mad at you for guessing!)



    These beautiful trays are best used for savvy styling but can be used for food with a little tea towel or napkin under neath.  Clean by wiping with a damp rag lightly, then towel drying completely.  Not dishwasher safe.  Do not use as a cutting or chopping surface.  Avoid prolonged exposure to liquids. 


    Our baskets are sturdy, strong, and flexible.

    Changes in temperature and humidity may cause your basket to expand and contract, which may make securing the lid difficult at times. Be patient and wait for the weather to change or remove from areas with high humidity (like bathrooms).  They are dried reeds after all, so some little breaks will naturally occur.  Rewetting them can allow reshaping but doesn't always work on the really dense weaves.  

    Dust your woven basket on a regular basis, wiping with a damp cloth when needed.  Enjoy the life and beauty they bring to your space, a lot of hours and careful hands made these just for you!



    Hunted Fox product care African mud cloth indigo leather wool iron dry-clean

    Life can get a bit messy at times - if you do it right!   Although we do our best to reinforce them to survive the challenges of life, most of our fabrics are considered delicate, HOWEVER we've done some pretty hard work laundering, repairing and making them sturdy for every day use.  That being said, we always recommend professional dry cleaning for the best results.



    The mud cloth can be ironed with a steam-iron. Keep in mind that too much steam may wear out the fabric. Use the "cotton" setting, or a cooler one, on the iron, and remember to iron the fabric inside-out  


    These woven fabrics are a mix of natural and synthetic materials. We suggest dry cleaning them to keep the colors vibrant.


    To get optimal results, make sure to wipe off all dry residue before cleaning leather. A commercial leather cleaner is preferred. Do not saturate the leather with cleaner, because the solution can pool and seep into the pillow. Excess water or cleaning solution can also stain the leather. After cleaning, wipe it clean with a dry cloth. Do not iron leather but a hair dryer may be used to gently warm and “settle” aggressive wrinkles.   


    Wool is great at keeping you warm, but it rarely survives a ride in the modern washing machine. Detergents have enzymes that remove stains and break down wool fibers, causing them to cling together so tightly that the wool appears to have shrunk. We suggest dry cleaning wool to retain the color and shape.


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