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"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives, the cumulative experience of many masters of craftsmanship. Quality also marks the search for an ideal after necessity has been satisfied and mere usefulness achieved." - John Ruskin


What's the deal with quality?

I have this amazing knack for falling in love with the most expensive thing in a store before seeing the price tag (it’s the worst!!!).  It screams my name from across the room.   It’s not just the small details that were meticulously labored over, that caught my eye, but the knowledge that someone poured all this intention, craftsmanship and love into what they were making with me in mind.  And I think they did - I know they did - because whomever makes something of quality wants to be noticed-wants you to notice them in every small intricacy.  I love this quiet interaction and unparalleled intimacy.  Quality to me means someone understands me - has thought of me through the lens of themselves.  When I experience this- I am now in an intentional relationship with the “things” I bring into my life.

I wasn't born with a black card and told the skies the limit - this kind of quality was something I had to figure out how to create rather than acquire. You don’t always get what you want . . . You know?! I now have an amazing team around me that helps the Hunted Fox focus on choosing, caring, cleaning and repairing our textiles, custom signature zippers, leather accents, labels, custom made pillow fills and base forms.

We are all happy to tell you, we would buy our stuff. We live and create with intention in a way that we hope inspires you. More importantly, we are thinking of you every step of the way. We stand behind our products and have a lifetime repair or replacement policy for any items we’ve made by hand.


Combining materials is probably the most important part of our design process. This goes beyond the basics of color, or pattern; it incorporates the selection of those items that best support the final piece in both style and function.  We know that your living space is a long-term investment. It should stay relevant and on trend without breaking the bank.

When we are creating, we ask and answer the following:

What kind of life will be lived around it?
How can we create the best-looking item at an affordable price?
What upgrades can we sneak in without pushing the price point over the top?
Is it cool?
Would I buy it?
Is it generic or unique?
Will it remain stylish beyond the current trend?
Does it break in nicely or age poorly?
Who are we designing for?
What person and lifestyle does this appeal to?
Is it high maintenance or easily cleaned?
How will it be used?
Will it hold up over time?
How can we make the materials last longer, age nicely and remain strong?



We’ve developed some practices that help us choose the right fabric whether it was originally intended for our purpose or not.   


Sometimes style comes in the form of an exquisite fabric worn by locals we’ve eyed while traveling abroad.  Sometimes it comes from style guides, fashion trends, or even granny’s vintage bedspread; we create from the belief that if we like it, we go with it.  There’s something so freeing about not worrying about if everyone else thinks it’s “cool”.


We’d be lying if we said we haven’t messed up a great throw…or six. Thankfully, we’ve taken the time to learn what works and what doesn’t. More often than not, the things we make spring out of our own needs & desires.  I mean… you can never finish decorating your home (or your parent’s, sister’s, or brother-in-law’s home) right?  In our shop, you may find a wide array of textiles that you would never have thought to be “home goods”, yet we think outside the box by reimagining and converting the textiles so that they, not only, live up to their new form, but that they stay unique.


We sew all of our items by hand (our hands) in our studio in Downtown Los Angeles.  We work hard with our team to achieve perfection.  This means we don’t skip the finishing or reinforcement stitches because “no one will ever see them”. Like your mom used to say “make sure you wear clean underwear because, well - you never know.” We believe reinforcement stitches are there to survive the annual family pillow fight and wrestling the pillow from your new puppy’s mouth. Our products are meant to stand up to the average wear and tear of a growing family. 


Most of our vintage pieces show signs of life. We think of it as aging gracefully – and we try to select the textiles that not only show this life, but also show signs of love and a story of where they’ve been. If and when we receive items in need of repair, we labor to mimic the style of patch work and reinforcement that the original artisan would have worked so hard to achieve.


Our signature zippers are ordered and custom made by UCAN Zippers USA a few miles away from our downtown Los Angeles studio.  UCAN creates, dyes, and produces all of our zippers onsite with the help of their amazing staff, dye house and lab.  They are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company for the highest quality standards backed by 25 years of experience producing zippers in the United States.


We use polyester and nylon thread for durability and strength.  The U.S. classification of thread is 40 wt. and 50 wt. both to satisfy our standard textiles and to avoid bulky seams. 28 wt. or 30 wt. is used for accent work. Bonded nylon thread and waxed thread are used on our leather goods and leather accents.


All internal textile edges have a professional thread overlock stitch to present a perfect finish and prevent unraveling.


All of our pillows are filled using a custom blend of down and feather for maximum support and comfort.  The base of our furniture varies with a combination of wood, lightweight and high density foams.   


All of our items are made with a natural calf leather label or other natural leather.


We use highly specialized commercial grade machines to withstand the heavier fabrics, number of orders, and custom work.  


We stain proof treat all of our pieces, however professional dry cleaning is always recommended.


The Hunted Fox team has over 40 years of fabrication, construction, pattern making, and sewing experience. We really can make absolutely anything.


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