Hi, We're The Hunted Fox

H U N T E D F O X : our philosophy is simple: everything begins at home.

The places our lives unfold are like the opening page of our life script- it is the foundation for everything we are and everything we do.   These are the places our families gather, our most important moments unfold, where we snuggle and swoon on a rainy day, where we begin, experience our firsts and the place of refuge we seek no matter where else on the planet we might be. 
We know how challenging it can be to make your space do all of the things you need it to.  It is with this in mind that we build well-crafted, thoughtful pieces that focus on detail, comfort, and durability.  These things are so important to us because the objects that fill the universe you create should always contribute to your best life's story.  We source our textile glabelly and make all of our pieces by hand in our Downtown Los Angeles studio.
We know that no space is complete without the perfect accent, and we have a great collection of pieces we've gathered.  
We bring to life the dreams and imagination of our clients from interior designers to wedding planners, mammas to be and the day to day lifer who just wants something unique.  Our store is an overflow of our projects with a lot of one-off's and vintage one of a kind must haves.  The female owned, operated and run company believes in more than just making beautiful things for you- we believe that we were all created to create and it is our sole responsibility to create a better world for those around us.  It is with this in mind that we donate 10% of every dollar earned to help families unite through adoption via Adopt together. 



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Moana Dixon  |   Owner, Creator, Maker Moana left her 18 year career as a VP of Sales in the wine & spirits industry to pursue full time the "purpose project" she founded in 2015. 

She started sewing started at a young age reconstructing vintage clothing and selling and her wares to school mates.  As an adult, her travels have always inspired an artisanal style which continues to evolve as she turns them into works of art that come alive in what she believes are the most important places our lives unfold.    She is uniquely able to not only see the extraordinary in the every day, but to design pieces which reveal this to others.
Holly Herzog  |  The "Right Hand Gal" aka Hustler

Holly joined the H|F team in 2018 as the Marketing Director and soon found herself handling more than just the direction of the brand.  With degree in Marketing from ASU she left her position at Space 150 (a Venice Beach creative agency with clients like Nike, Redbull, Activision and other industry leaders) to join something more close to her life's intentions and heart.  She's known the brand since it's conception in 2015 as the sidekick of Moana's youngest sister.  Although the gals had not connected personally until this recent years, a lifetime of common ground bonds them together in this great venture.  





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We believe in the importance and power of community, and we believe that it does take a village to raise our young.  It is with that heart that we have chosen to give 10% of all proceeds to a foundation we are on the board of called AdoptTogether. Founded by our dear friend Hank Fortener.  AdoptTogether is a crowdfunding platform designed to bridge the gap between families who want to adopt and the children who need loving homes.  We share their vision of a world without orphans, as hopeful adoptive parents-and it is with your purchase, that you help bring this epidemic to an end and find a home for every child.  Please follow the link below to learn more about this amazing foundation and see how they are impacting the world, one family at a time.  

AdoptTogether is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for adoption. Every gift you give, brings a family one step closer to their child and their child one step closer to home. 

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