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Our philosophy is simple: we furnish life

We believe that the universes you create directly impacts what comes out of them: your future.

Everything from feng shui to modern science communicates the importance of balance in design.  HUNTEDFOX believes that the spaces we create are the most unrecognized characters in the stories we tell and lives they affect.

These are the places our families gather, where our most important moments unfold, where we snuggle and swoon on a rainy day, where our work, our futures and our greatest good is built, piece by piece.  

Best said in the Ted Talk given by Ingrid Fetell Lee “Deep within us we all have this impulse to seek out joy in our surroundings; it is directly connected to our fundamental instinct for survival.  The drive toward joy is the drive toward life. ”

Creating is the fingerprint of one who was created: and as a result curating places where we gather is the most common human experience.  Yet, so often we undermine the importance of the things we put in them.  

  • What if you could build the future of your business through the environment where it happens? 
  • What if you could reset the foundation for your family’s best life?
  • What if guests return to your restaurant or shoppe because they "just like the way it feels?"

It is with this in mind that we build well-crafted, thoughtful pieces that focus on detail, custom inserts for maximum comfort and support, but most importantly-durability to furnish your best life.  

The female owned, operated and run company believes in more than just making beautiful things for you- we believe that we were all created to create and it is our sole responsibility to create a better world for those around us.  We donate 10% of every dollar earned to help families unite through adoption with  Adopt Together. 



HUNTEDFOX is a design house that focuses on making custom pieces for interior designers, event companies, weddings, workspaces, restaurants and our favorite-your home.  We make everything by hand in our studio located in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles. 

 Our globally sourced textiles are paired with H|F custom zippers, along with our proprietary feather & down fills, and leather accents.  Because everyone knows that denim only gets better with age; we use carefully selected 12lb twill weave, ecru, raw, Japanese crosshatch, selvage and bull denims on most of our items (if we aren’t getting wild with a little leather or waxed canvas.)  Bonded nylon threads ensure that our industrial upholstery machines are getting the job done right the first time and for a lifetime.   That's also why we have a lifetime repair or replace ethos.   You bought it, you break it- we fix it… forever, or we replace it at our own cost. 


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Moana Dixon  |   Owner, Creator, Maker 

She started sewing started at fourteen reconstructing vintage clothing, making super 90’s backpacks, bags and her own distinctive wares.   With a small business selling these items  to school mates, she had every intention to go into fashion.  However, life had other plans.   Over the past 18 years, she built a career in the wine and spirits industry focusing on artisanal brands and aggressive start-ups.  In 2018, she finally stepped away from her role as a senior executive to pursue full time the "purpose project" HUNTEDFOX founded in 2015.

Her extensive travels have earned her the nickname “Stimulus Package”  due to her tendency to seek out and collect large amounts of indigenous textiles that are made in old world traditions from small villages and hilltribes.  The countries she has touched, are woven into the tapestry of her being and have profoundly inspired her ethnic, transitional and universally classic design styles.  She refuses to honor “rules” or believe that anything is “made for” one purpose.  You will find delicate couture silks, lambskins, French laces, woven wools, handmade tapestries, leathers and vintage fabrics combined in ways that give them a different life and light through the work of her hands.   

It is her desire to create pieces that are not just inanimate objects-but that serve as witness and companion to your most valuable moments wherever life happens.   



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We believe in the importance and power of community, and we believe that it does take a village to raise our young.  It is with that heart that we have chosen to give 10% of all proceeds to a foundation we are on the board of called AdoptTogether. Founded by our dear friend Hank Fortener.  AdoptTogether is a crowdfunding platform designed to bridge the gap between families who want to adopt and the children who need loving homes.  We share their vision of a world without orphans, as hopeful adoptive parents-and it is with your purchase, that you help bring this epidemic to an end and find a home for every child.  Please follow the link below to learn more about this amazing foundation and see how they are impacting the world, one family at a time.  

AdoptTogether is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for adoption. Every gift you give, brings a family one step closer to their child and their child one step closer to home. 



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